Frequently Asked Questions


How should i prepare for my appointment?

You don't have to do anything except show up! But if you want to enhance the effects of your massage, it's helpful to drink plenty of water, herbal tea, or organic vegetable juices both prior to and following your massage. Be sure to drink fairly steadily, not all at once, to give fluids a chance to hydrate your body. (You can tell you're well-hydrated when your urine appears pale yellow or clear.) The reason for taking in fluids is because massage compresses and releases your tissues, causing increased circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. By drinking purified water or other good-for-you liquids, you'll ensure that the fluids being carried to your cells will provide maximum restoration.

what if i feel self-conscious about my body?

I think almost all of us are self-critical about our bodies. But, to me, the human body is miraculous in its potential for healing. When I'm doing bodywork, I'm intensely focused on how each area is responding to my touch as your muscles relax, trigger points let go, and balance is achieved. I'm very respectful of your privacy and have developed draping techniques that expose only the specific parts on which I'm working. If you have questions about how I can put you at ease, please don't hesitate to give me a call!

how often should i get a massage?

Many factors may influence this decision. If you're experiencing significant pain or bodily tension – or ongoing emotional stress – I’ll probably recommend weekly or biweekly sessions. Many of my clients book monthly, while some just get in touch when they need a “tune-up.” I’m mindful of everyone’s busy schedules and pocketbooks, and remain flexible regarding your needs and considerations at any given time.

do i need to know what type of massage to ask for?

Not at all. Because I have been a licensed massage therapist for many years, I've become adept at tailoring the types of massage techniques I use to each person's unique body and state of health. My clients tend to just rely on my judgment regarding how best to treat them following our check-in at the beginning of each appointment. Of course I do want your feedback on how much pressure to apply and what feels good to you.

what are the benefits of massage?

According to the Mayo Clinic, research studies show that massage therapy is an effective way to reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension. You may be surprised to learn that, in addition to the more obvious relaxation and pain relief benefits, massage also can help with digestive problems, anxiety, headaches, and stress-related insomnia. It is known to help speed recovery from injuries and illness, and to increase flexibility and range of motion. Less tangibly, many people experience a sense of connection and comfort and feel good about themselves for investing in this important component of self-care.


I sure do! Let that special someone know how much you care by giving them a gift certificate for whichever type of bodywork they might prefer. Just call and I'll have it ready for you to pick up at your next session, or I'll pop it in the mail.